Botswana was first inhabited by the semi-nomadic San people, bantu-speaking tribes from the north who moved into the area before the first millennium.

Untarnished, expansive and exquisite, Botswana is greatly respected by it’s people and one of the few African countries to realise the importance of ecological preservation and low impact tourism.

A Botswana safari holiday must rank amongst the best in the world, as all the wilderness areas are unique – and the activities offered are as varied as the wildlife. You can view wildlife from the back of an elephant, a dugout canoe, on foot and from a vehicle.

There are no major health threats, no vaccinations are required for entering Botswana

Malaria is present throughout the Okavango region, and all visitors are advised to take anti-malarial medication as proscribed by their Doctors. The risk of Malaria is very low in June, July, August and September.

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Kubu Lodge


Kubu Lodge  



Mogotlho Safari Lodge

Khwai River Chobe

Legend Mogothlo Pic  



Tuli Safari Lodge

Northern Tuli Game Reserve

Tuli tent  



Zambezi Queen

Chobe River

Zambezi Queen