From the breathtaking landscapes of the Great Rift Valley, the ice-capped Mount Kenya, the wonderful beaches of Mombasa, to unforgettable safaris, Kenya has it all.

Tanzania too, is an awe-inspiring country, home to Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the tallest free standing mountain in the World.

Other major attractions include the world famous Serengeti National Park, the annual

Wildebeest migration which crosses into Kenya at certain times of the year, as well as Zanzibar, the Spice Islands just minutes by air off the mainland.

The Maasai Tribe reside in both Kenya and Tanzania, living along the borders of the two countries. They have a long preserved culture and despite civilization and western influences, the Maasai people have maintained their traditional way of life. The Maasai

Warrior is still of great importance to the Male species of the Tribe and his role is to protect his animals from predators and to make a home for his family.


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