The Kingdom of Morocco is the most westerly of North Africa’s countries.  Some of the places you will want to visit will include Marrakesh which has a rich history and cultural tradition.

The walled city in Fes el Bali is where you will find the oldest University of Al-Karaouine, and which will transport you back to medieval times.  Visit the ancient maze-like quarters of the Medina to Fes el-Bali.

Casablanca is a large, modern city, but the old city is not too touristy and is the most cosmopolitan and Western-feeling city in Morocco.  Visit The King Hassan II Mosque and the Casa’s Medina.

Morocco's coastal capital since 1912, Rabat has just over a million people. Modern and even reserved by Moroccan standards, the city also has many fascinating historic sites, including the picturesque Kasbah of the Udayas, built in the mid-12th century.