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Air Charter
We offer a range of Air Charter services throughout the country.  Lodge hops between game and safari lodges are a popular option for those who are short on time and who are not fond of long road journeys.

We can provide any type of aircraft for your private charter requirements, from light aircraft, Helicopters, Executive Jets, Business Jets, and even Cargo planes.

Enjoy our scenic Helicopter flips over Cape Town, the Winelands and over areas such as the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga where picnic lunches are also provided.


Luxury Train Journeys

Rovos Rail travels between Pretoria and Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban and Pretoria and the Victoria Falls with a number of longer trips once or twice a year.
The average journey is over two nights and includes all meals, drinks and off-train excursions.

Each of the individually air-conditioned suites accommodates two people offering the option of twin or double beds. The Royal Suites (16m²) each have their own private lounge area and feature a full en-suite bathroom with shower and Victorian bath. The Deluxe Suites (11m²) each have a lounge area and en-suite bathroom with shower.. They also have an en suite bathroom with shower.

Breakfast, lunch and a formal dinner are served in one sitting only in the charming Victorian atmosphere of the Dining Cars - meals carefully prepared are complemented by a selection of excellent South African wines.

The Observation Car seats 32 passengers and takes up the rear end of the train.

In maintaining the spirit of travel of a bygone era, there are no radios or television sets onboard and the use of cellular telephones is confined to the privacy of the suites.

Use of steam has become increasingly difficult over the past years, as more and more water and coaling facilities have been scrapped. Where facilities no longer exist, diesel or electric locomotives will be used. Rovos Rail will, however, endeavour to ensure that arrivals and departures in Pretoria are steam hauled.


The World Famous Blue Train travels between Pretoria and Cape Town on a one night journey including all meals, drinks and off train excursions.

The Blue Train has an aura of mystique about it. Kings and presidents have travelled on this magnificent moving five-star hotel. Its very name has become synonymous with the ultimate in luxury and personal service.
The routes of The Blue Train - both scheduled and chartered - take guests through some of the most breath taking countryside to be found anywhere in the world.

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