Serengeti Vehicle smallMasses on the move………..the Great Migration.  Kenya/Tanzania

Many people are keen to set up trips to see this spectacle in Tanzania & Kenya every year, and we have some great packages available.


January - March: you should be in southern Serengeti - this is HIGH SEASON. 
April- May: it rains (LOW SEASON), but packages are really good value - and the game is GREAT - ideally you should be South or Central Serengeti.
June/July/August: HIGH SEASON again, and Central and Western Serengeti are ideal.

Now we come to the time of the year where it's a bit confusing. A lot of the herds move up to KENYA for end of August to October in the Masai Mara. However it should be noted that the Mara is smaller than the Serengeti, and some of the camps and bigger lodges can get rather crowded at peak season. We tend to use lodges in the Mara that are on private concessions to avoid this.

During this time however, the north of the Serengeti is also FULL of game and large herds of wildebeeste and zebra, crossing the Mara River etc in Tanzania. There are relatively few people, camps and vehicles up there. We use this area a lot, and can offer you a choice of a luxury tented camp, our private exclusive mobile camps, or not too far away a lodge. 

November and December, the herds rush down from the north to the southern Serengeti, so central and south is where you want to be!

Then it starts all over again! It's a continuous cycle of life and death.

Contact us for some of these spectacular packages throughout the year.  A once in a lifetime experience.