MOKORO smaller Best of Botswana : The Okavango Delta & Chobe - Our 3 Camp Combination

Untarnished, expansive and exquisite. Botswana is greatly respected by its people and one of the few African countries to realise the importance of ecological preservation and low impact tourism.




Permanent Delta
The Permanent Delta is about birds and water game, with activities centered around the Mokoro trails.

Seasonal Delta
The Seasonal Delta is more about Big Game and game activities in 4x4 vehicles, a number of Seasonal Camps are however able to offer both water and land activities.

Chobe National Park
There is a place where elephants, lured by the season, concentrate in large herds creating dust and scenes from a time of our dreams.

Chobe's wildlife roams in profusion and diversity. It is home to the largest concentration of Elephant in Africa and during the dry season the herds congregate along the fertile flood plains of the Chobe River. Large herds of Buffalo also concentrate on the floodplains during the dry season. Other major species such as Lion, Wild Dog, Puku, Red Lechwe, Sable and Roan Antelope are encountered in many areas of the reserve.

Enjoy a wonderful sunset cruise down the Chobe River. Affording spectacular wildlife viewing and enabling you to experience an unforgettable African Sunset.

This six night safari combines the “Best of Botswana” and can also be extended to more nights.  We can also include an add-on to the Victoria Falls which is just about an hour by road to Kasane.