Plastic Fish 






BAHIA MAR BOUTIQUE HOTEL Vilanculos, Mozambique

Our commitment to fighting the scourge of plastic

Whether it be a Christmas getaway, a honeymoon, a family vacation, a fitness retreat, a beauty boost weekend or an Executive Team Trip (90- seat conference centre), we have you covered. The pristine, sub tropical beach of Mozambique's Bahia Mar has the villas or the self catering Beach House to accommodate you.

Surrounded by so much natural beauty, miles of golden beaches and transparent waters teeming with life which are essential to preserve, Bahia Mar Hotel, based in Vilanculos, Mozambique, is doing its part. From reducing the purchase of ‘single use’ and other plastics, to a committed recycling policy, the hotel is an active protagonist in the conservation of this unique area.

Believing community education can be pivotal to preservation, Bahia Mar has brought plastics artist Xico Gaivota from Portugal to inspire and educate the villagers. This special man, who is creating masterpieces from plastic which he finds on the beach, shared both his commitment to the environment and his skill with local people, encouraging the collection and recycling of the debris which washes up on the beaches into saleable art work.

With Xico Gaivota unique pieces selling for upwards of 5,000 Euros each, you not only make an investment when you purchase one, you are also supporting global awareness regarding the serious issue of ocean plastic.

The piece you purchase is one of a kind, it will never be replicated and its purchase plays its part in the future of plastic free oceans.