Ethiopia AddisEthiopia :  A land of endless mystery


Ethiopia is a land of endless mysteries in its geology, in the diversity of its animal and plant life, in its tumultuous national history and the rich culture of its people. Church scholars reckon Ethiopian History spans 7,492 years going by its own chronology and calendar, from the time of Genesis to the present. 



A summary of our itinerary (Contact us for the full version)

Day one: Johannesburg to Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airlines

Day two:  Addis Ababa – Bahir Dar: Explore the Blue Nile Falls, nearby villages and the local markets

Day 3: Bahir Dar

Take a boat trip on Lake Tana. Lake Tana is the largest highland lake in Ethiopia covering 3600Sq km, created some 20 million years ago by volcanic extrusion leaving the lake in such a deep volcanic trough which is believed to have been 100m deep, but nowadays it’s only 9m deep because of high silt soil sedimentation. The Lake Tana churches are unique

Day 4: Bahir Dar – Gondar : Enjoy the scenery en route to Gondar.  Explore the city and enjoy lunch at a local restaurant

Day 5: Gondar: Full day in Gondar. Morning an excursion to Gorgora the former Capital City of Emperor Sesuneyos (1608-1632)

Day 06: Gondar - Lalibela: Today you will be flying to Lalibela another prominent historic site in norther Ethiopia.

Day 07: Lalibela: Full day in Lalibela, morning excursion to Yimrehane Kirstos (God May Lead Us) to visit the grotto church which may either be named after king Yimrehane Kristos.

Day 8: Lalibela - Axum: Fly to the oldest and most historical Axum. Ethiopians' holy city as it is the supposedly resting place of the Tabot and it is here that Ethiopian Monarchs including Hilesilassie came for their coronation as per the Solomon Line.

Day 9: Axum: Full day in Axum. Morning Excursion to Yeha Temple the oldest surviving monument in East Africa once used as a worshiping center for the Sbean People. The driving takes you through the spectacular Adwa mountains where the Italians were defeated in 1896. Lunch will be at Adwa 

Day Ten: Addis to Johannesburg

Price per person double room sharing:

2-3 people   - US$ 2869.00

4-5 people  -  US$ 2598.00