Where is it?
Situated off the East coast of Tanzania and made up of three islands.

Why should I go there:
To experience the beach and culture of a former slave colony

How do I get there:
Direct on Mango Airlines twice a week, or flying via Nairobi on Kenya Airways to Dar es Salaam and then a regional airline across to Zanzibar

How long should we visit?
The ideal length of stay is 7 nights as there are numerous excursions to enjoy on the islands.

Is it safe?
Yes it is. There is petty crime as tourism has increased but common sense should prevail and you will have a trip of a lifetime. 

What can I see there:
There is Stone Town which is famous for its architecture and ambiance, the Jozani Forest to see the Red Colobus Monkeys.

What is the food like:
Zanzibar has become the buzz word for sun seekers wanting superb hotels and great cuisine so there is wide choice of restaurants in local towns and hotels to suit any palette.

I don’t know where to start:
Many potential clients are not told about the tidal movement on the East coast and this can be disappointing if you want the waves lapping at your feet.  Our knowledge of the hotels and coastline eliminates any nasty surprises.